KDrama Review – Doom at your Service – Supporting Actors Introduction

“Doom at your Service”

Tak Sun-kyung (Dawon) is really a fun character. As the younger brother of Tak Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young), Tak Sun-kyung character is bubbly, expressive and fun – which is the opposite of Dong-kyung. Despite being a bump at the beginning of the show, he started to take his life seriously after finding out his sister’s illness. But deep down, Sun-kyung has his dreams and aspiration even though he does not show it. He eventually takes on a job at a cafe which is run by Lee Hyun-gyu (Kang Tae-oh) and it inspire him to own a cafe on his own one day. He is protective of his sister where he beats up the man who cheated on his sister and at one scene he interrogates Myul-mang (Seo In-guk) through a drinking session to see if he is sincere with Dong-kyung.

Dong-kyung entering into a contract with Myul-mang, finds out that if she turns her wish on not calling upon the destruction of the world, someone she loves will take her place of death instead. The realization at that time that the person she loves most is her brother, Sun-kyung, she hugs him tightly in despair.

Na Ji-na (Shin Do-hyun) is Dong-kyung best friend. She has an eccentric, straightforward and bold character. She is a freelance writer who still have not seen success in her writing. Using the pen name Lee Hyun who is the first two names of her first love whom she still has not gotten over, her writing and story is base on the main male character of Lee Hyun-gyu. Ji-na has questioned her ability in writing and wanted to give up but was pushed by Dong-kyung to not give up. In one of the scene, Dong-kyung asked Ji-na what would her wish be if she finds out that she has only 100 days to live. Casually, Ji-na said she would want to buy a five-tier cake and eat it and go traveling. Dong-kyung replied that if she has 100 days left to live, she would want to make Ji-na successful before she dies.

Ji-na is caught in between her first love Lee Hyun-gyu whom she met again after nine years and Cha Joo-ik (Lee Soo-hyuk) who signs a private contract with her with the promise of making her as the top ten writer. Joo-ik is also the person who stole her first kiss nine years ago while she was in love with Hyun-gyu. Both Hyun-gyu and Joo-ik was revealed to be housemates and friends for a long time.

Cha Joo-ik (Lee Soo-hyuk) is Dong-kyung’s co-worker and who is also the editorial team leader. It was revealed that he is the son of the owner of the building where he works at and he stays at the penthouse in the building with Lee Hyun-gyu. He also owns a yellow sports car which is parked at the basement. His identity was kept a secret and his colleague thought that Hyun-gyu was the one who owns the building and the car. To hide his identity he has to either be the first to leave the office or the last. It was only later that the truth was disclosed, much to everyone’s surprise.

Joo-ik has a very cool demeanor and despite being rich, he choose to work in a publishing company. The reason he cited was because it is near his penthouse unit. Even though he may seem to be distant, in his own ways, he cares for Dong-kyung. He refuse to accept Dong-kyun’s resignation and protects her each time she is being harassed by the boss. Eventually he opens his own publishing company with Dong-kyung as his only staff. He is the new love interest of Ji-na where Joo-ik in an attempt to end Ji-na’s misery of waiting for Hyun-gyu nine years ago in the rain, Joo-ik kisses her. It was only being revealed nine years later to Ji-na that both Joo-ik and Hyun-gyu are friends and were living together.

Lee Hyun-gyu is Na Ji-na”s first love whom she never gotten over. He broke off with Ji-na nine years ago over a text message and left for Japan to supposedly pursue his swimming. However, he did not make it and came back to Korea to set up his own cafe which is located at the same building as Jo-ik’s office and penthouse. Hyun-gyu also hired Sun-kyung as his assistant in the cafe when Sun-kyung walks in teary faced looking for job after discovering Dong-kyung’s illness.

Ji-na declared her love for Hyun-gyu openly in a school retreat while in a drunk state nine years ago. Ji-na is also Hyun-gyu first love and also one which he never gotten over but at the same time did not have the courage to confess to her. After realizing that Jo-ik also likes Ji-na, he attempts to win Ji-na over. However, eventually Ji-na realized that her feelings were really for Jo-ik and not Hyun-gyu anymore.

Review by: E beul-lin
Credit : Viu

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