I need to test this out

“Vincenzo” After the scare at the underpass, Vincenzo / Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki) and Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been) had their Makgeolli session. After much drinking, Cha-young apologizes on her action of hugging Joo-hyung. Funnily she expresses her feeling that she felt iffy as her heart were thumping oddly. She tells Joo-hyung that she couldn’t tell …

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“When the weather is fine” She once talk about happiness. She said that happiness is hard to notice and even if you do, it takes a lot of effort and care to make it yours. She’s right. We all strive to be happy. Happiness is hard to get hold of and does not stay with …

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You’re different

“When the weather is fine” I thought I forget you. Of course. We only spent one winter together after all. Of course. I’ll forget you completely. But I couldn’t have been more stupid. You’re different. You would sit heavy in my heart like winter snow and never leave me. I forgot that for a while. …

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“When the weather is fine” When I realized I hadn’t had a chance to tell you that I loved you with all my heart, you were already in love with someone else. I silenced the passionate serenade inside my heart as you drifted far away from me. You told me to forget everything before your …

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