Please love me back

“Strong Girl Bong-soon” Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) brought Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) back to his house after the ordeal with the perpetrator. These moment were vulnerable to both as Bong-soon has lost her super powers while Min-hyuk was heartbroken with the “break-up” and also on Bong-soon being hurt. While he lies next to Bong-soon, he asked that …

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The perpetrator

“Strong Girl Bong-soon.” After MIn-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) and Bong-soon’s (Park Bo-young) ‘break-up” at the library, Bong-soon attempts to rescue her friend Kyung-shim (Park Bo-mi) from the perpetrator, Kim Jang-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan). Jang-hyun, knowing the secret of Bong-soon’s power and how she can loose her strength when she harms innocent people, he puts Bong-soon in a …

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“Strong Girl Bong-soon.” With the threats on Ahn Min-hyuk’s (Park Hyung-sik) life, Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) stayed at Min-hyuk’s house as his bodyguard. As they were lying down separately in Min-hyuk’s basement room, the room was lit up with lights representing stars on the ceiling. As Min-hyuk looks up to the stars he narrates that …

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We can stop right here

“Strong girl Bong-soon” A heart breaking scene at the library where Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) was raging mad at Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) for putting herself in danger. After an outburst and confrontation, Bong-soon ask Min-hyuk to just stop their relationship here and now. I am going crazy when I know you are walking into …

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Will you help me?

“Strong Girl Bong-soon.” Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) soon realizes that her best friend Na Kyung-shim (Park Bo-mi) was being kidnapped while on her way back to her hometown. This is after a series of text messages with the perpetrator who pretended to be Kyung-shim. Sensing that the exchange of messages seems odd and does not …

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The Fight

“Strong Girl Bong-soon.” Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) was lured by the Baek Soo-tak (Im Won-hee) to a warehouse as they want to teach her a lesson for humiliating his men. Asking her to kneel down and apologize, Bong-soon retort that he will be kneeling and apologizing instead. A fight ensued with Bong-soon fighting off dozens …

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